Synergy Nutri-Science's acceptance of orders will be subject to product availability. If an ordered item is not available, we will notify the customer by email and/or the preferred method of communication identified by the customer. We will also provide the option for the customer to wait until the item becomes available or to cancel their order.


An order placed by a customer will be deemed an offer of purchase of a Synergy Nutri-Science product, therefore, Synergy Nutri-Science has the right to reject such offers.  Acceptance of the customer's offer to purchase a Synergy Nutri-Science product is only concluded when Synergy Nutri-Science is satisfied that payment from the customer has been received and/or the item(s) purchased by the customer has been shipped to said customer. 


An email notification in the form of "Order Confirmation” will confirm that the transaction between Synergy Nutri-Science and the customer is complete.  This notification will only relate to the products that are outlined in the "Order Confirmation". Synergy Nutri-Science will not have any obligation to provide the customer any item that is not listed within the "Order Confirmation". 


At Synergy Nutri-Science, we will endeavour to exercise our due diligence and reasonable care to ensure the details and information of the customer’s order and payment remain secure. We will not be liable for any loss to a customer if a third party accesses any of the details/information provided by a customer who is accessing and/or ordering from Synergy Nutri-Science via


All items sold by Synergy Nutri-Science are not for re-sale and/or not for distribution without the expressed permission of Synergy Nutri-Science, therefore, we reserve the right to cancel orders and/or suspend accounts if we suspect products are being utilized in a manner contrary to this provision.