WELCOME to Synergy Nutri-Science.  We are a 100% Canadian brand proudly established in wonderful North Bay, Ontario.

At the heart of Synergy Nutri-Science is YOU, the customer. We genuinely care about your strength development, your muscle nourishment and your overall wellness. We are proud and passionate to provide you with industry leading protein, creatine, complex carbohydrate and vitamin rich supplements that are honest, of premium quality, certified, authentic, great tasting and affordable. 

After years of research and vigorous commitment to bring to market world-class protein, creatine, complex carbohydrate and vitamins, we finally achieved it! We secured licensing agreements with domestic and international suppliers to obtain reputable products from Europe, New Zealand and Canada. This in turn allows us to provide you with high-grade, bonafide supplements.

The basis of our business begins with transparency. We want to earn your business through our integrity and product quality. We believe that consumers deserve the rationale, scientific evidence and detailed articulation behind our supplements. This knowledge proves that our supplements are superior to others and shows why our products have legitimacy when others may not.

So rather than debating our position, we have taken the proverbial “high road” and disclosed to you on our website:

  • The source companies’ website information
  • Third party lab analysis reports for our supplements
  • A detailed explanation of what the diligent consumer should be looking for in a supplement product prior to purchasing - let alone consuming the product

When we launched Synergy Nutri-Science in 2018, part of our intent was to empower the conscientious customer to make informed decisions about supplements. That is why we can justify the value in our products, which are based on scientific research and nutritional supplement facts.  The other part of our intent is to make available to consumers clean, honest and certified supplements that will deliver optimal nutrition in a manner that is consistent with the research. We are proud to advise that our intentions are fulfilled. Our honest, upfront, no-compromise approach is what sets us apart from the others. 

As such, we take a no-hype, no-nonsense, no-gimmick, what you see is what you get approach; you will know exactly what you're purchasing and where it’s coming from. When we say we offer premium, certified, muscle nourishing supplements, we mean it and we can PROVE it! 

Our credibility is important to us and it is recognized by our customers, family, and friends. We will strive to maintain our integrity and also develop the necessary trust, confidence and loyalty from our clientele. Throughout, we will abide by our underlying business philosophy that is encapsulated by our mission, vision and values:   

Our Mission:

Through transparency and accountability, provide our customers with honest, premium quality and affordable supplements from bonafide and credible sources.

Our Vision:

Through our supplements, we will remain industry leaders by contributing in the optimization of strength development and muscle nourishment by creating a synergy of nutrition and science for overall personal wellness.

Our Values:

Customer Satisfaction | Excellence | Product Integrity | Transparency

We know that you have confidence in our supplements but in the event that you wish to explore our information further, feel free to review the basis of our position through the following links:

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Know that quality is our mainstay and our values define us.