The ONE-TIME use of the Promo Code is to allow the customer to benefit from a 10% discount that will be applied towards their FIRST purchase of a Synergy Nutri-Science supplement(s) (as listed below) upon checkout and Fitness Accessories.

The 10% Promo Code does not apply to Fitness and Gym Equipment.

The applicable 10% discount is applied to the total purchase prior to applicable taxes. For the customer to maximize from the benefit of a Promo Code, it is suggested that since it is for a ONE-TIME use on their FIRST purchase, that they consider purchasing a “Performance Pack” or making a multi-item purchase when the Promo Code is used.                                                           

Promo Codes are available from Synergy Nutri-Science Exclusive Distributors through their correspondence, social media outlets, etc. If a client does not have a Promo Code from one of the Exclusive Distributors, they can request a Promo Code by contacting Synergy Nutri-Science at All Promo Codes offer the same discounts as outlined above.

It is important to note that the use of the Promo Code is for ONE-TIME use only on the FIRST purchase. To use a Promo Code, the client must create an account. Once the account is created, the option to use the Promo Code will be available upon checkout until a Promo Code is used for that account. Only ONE Promo Code can be used per account. Future purchases from the same account will not allow the use of the same or another Promo Code.

If the client chooses not to use a Promo Code for their first purchase, the option to use a Promo Code will not be available for future purchases.