At the heart of Synergy Nutri-Science is YOU, the customer. We genuinely care about your strength development, your muscle nourishment, and your overall wellness. We are proud and passionate to provide you with industry leading protein, creatine, complex carbohydrate and vitamin rich supplements that are honest, of premium quality, certified, authentic and affordable. That is why Customer Satisfaction is part of our values.

Synergy Nutri-Science's return policy is meant to be read and applied in conjunction with our Shipping Policy and Order Policy. Synergy Nutri-Science established this Return & Warranty Policy on January 1, 2018 and reserves the right to change this Return & Warranty Policy at any time. We encourage our customers to review this and the other Synergy Nutri-Science's policies before they commit to a purchase.

Prior to a customer exercising the Synergy Nutri-Science's return policy a Return Confirmation Code (RCC) is required. The RCC can be requested via email at All returns will result in an in-store credit for the amount owed based on the product being returned. In those circumstances, Synergy Nutri-Science will not reimburse initial shipping costs and will not pay for the shipping fee to return the item. Those costs will be at the expense of the customer. The customer must inform Synergy Nutri-Science of their intent to return an item(s) within 14 days from the date that their order is deemed received based on the delivery confirmation from order tracking information.

The customer is also expected that upon reception of the purchased item, they verify the accuracy of the order prior to opening the product packaging and prior to disturbing the product seal. Failure to proceed pursuant to this policy may result in failure for the customer to receive their in-store credit. 

At Synergy Nutri-Science, we will endeavour to ensure that we do not ship the customer an incorrect and/or damaged product. If we make that error and/or the customer receives a damaged item, we will work with the customer to resolve the discrepancy as quickly as possible. The customer will receive an in-store credit so long as the customer returns the "incorrect and/or damaged item", in the same condition in which it arrived, within 14 days of when they received it. For an “incorrect and/or damaged” item, the customer is expected to contact Synergy Nutri-Science at within 24 hours of reception. Details for exchange eligibility will be determined at that time. In both cases, Synergy Nutri-Science will assume responsibility for the return shipping costs if and where applicable.