At Synergy Nutri-Science, we take pride in our level of transparency. That is why we do not have hidden shipping costs associated with our products. We will not take advantage of our customers by augmenting the price of our supplements to include hidden costs for shipping and then offer "free shipping".  Instead, our supplements' affordable pricing is true to the product being purchased.

As for shipping costs, we make available to the customer what we believe is the most affordable and reliable shipping service through Canada Post. Upon check-out, if your order is $150.00 or less, we will charge a flat shipping rate of $15.00 for shipment to any of the ten (10) Canadian provinces.

For shipment of orders outside of the ten (10) Canadian provinces or international shipment, we will continue to make available to the customer what we believe is the most affordable and reliable shipping service through Canada Post. Upon check-out, the shipping details will be available to the customer so they will know exactly their cost for the supplement(s) independent of the shipping cost. That is how we do not take advantage of our customers. Shipping fees will be charged to the customer's payment method based on their selection of the shipping type.

We ship complete orders during business hours on Monday to Friday however during a statutory holiday, we will ship the order on the next shipping day. All orders being shipped in an expeditious manner are subject to items being in stock, that the payment has been approved, and a verified receiving address is available. We will endeavour to process and ship the customer's order as soon as it is received. We will then email the customer with a shipping tracking number to facilitate tracking of their order.

It is the customer's responsibility to be present upon delivery of their order. If an order is returned to Synergy Nutri-Science due to the customer's inability to accept their order, the customer will be required to re-pay the shipping costs to re-ship their order to their desired destination.

We ask that customers take into consideration that shipping fees can be affected by orders that have excessive weight and/or are shipped to very rural areas. We will strive to have our customers receive their order between 2 to 10 business days.

The customer will assume all risk for the products once the order has been delivered to the provided address. Synergy Nutri-Science will not accept liability where the customer provides an incorrect delivery address or where the customer neglects to collect their order from the provided address.


FREE SHIPPING does not apply to any Fitness/Gym Equipment and remains at the discretion of Synergy Nutri-Science Inc.  As for all other items:

Synergy Nutri-Science will pay the shipping cost up to and including $20.00 for orders that exceed $150.00 for shipment to any of the ten (10) Canadian provinces.  If the shipping cost exceeds $20.00, Synergy Nutri-Science reserves the right to cancel the order.  Synergy Nutri-Science will contact the customer and advise them of the possible cancellation of their order.  The customer will have the option to pay the difference for their shipping cost.  Should the customer agree, Synergy Nutri-Science will arrange with the customer for the customer to pay for the difference in the shipping cost.  Should the customer not agree to pay the difference for the shipping cost, Synergy Nutri-Science will cancel the order.